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Top 10 Tech Trends of 2022

Artem Barmin
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Technology innovation is an ever-evolving expanding universe. Today business planets are revolving around data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and autonomous digital ecosystems. Let's explore technology trends for 2022 and find where their orbits are intersecting.
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“Astrologers proclaim the year of data". Data matters more than ever. The most valuable resource, it's still not being used effectively.

Data curation, business intelligence, and advanced analytics emerge as vital mechanisms of decision-making processes performed by businesses today.
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Data fabric is an end-to-end data integration solution, providing:

  • enhanced data management
  • automation of data discovery, governance, and consumption
  • transparency of analytics process
  • metadata analytics to determine current data utilization patterns
  • unified, consistent UX

Data fabric architecture optimizes access to distributed data and makes it possible to integrate its core management capabilities. The point is to connect the right data to the right people. Such a system doesn't depend on the environment, use, and geolocation. Data is accessible just in time and regardless of where it's stored.

Within inbuilt analytics reading metadata, data fabric learns what data is being used. As a result, it can make recommendations for more, and better solutions to deliver business-ready data for analytics and AI.
Real-life use case:
Data fabrics solve real-world problems using AI techniques. The Finnish city of Turku found its innovation held back by data gaps: by implementing a knowledge graph framework for data management and exploring business problems, it build reusable data products, reduce time-to-market, and create a monetizable data fabric.


The distribution of digital business assets across the cloud and data centers is still trending and is not going to subside soon. According to Gartner, by 2024, businesses adopting a cybersecurity mesh architecture will reduce the financial impact of individual security incidents by an average of 90%.

Composable security approach shifts 'traditional' fragmented systems, focused on enterprise perimeters. Cybersecurity mesh architecture enables the creation of scalable and interoperable services, avoiding vulnerabilities and data breaches.

Its integrated structure secures all assets, regardless of geolocation. With a cybersecurity mesh method, you can combine multiple data feeds from different security products to work as a cooperative ecosystem and identify and respond to incidents in the best possible way.

Business To-Do List: first steps

  • Composability and interoperability as a priority while choosing security solutions
  • A common base framework to compose security solutions and integrate different tools


Autonomic systems full trend><meta itemprop=
As your business grows, traditional manual management often can't scale at the same speed. In many cases, an autonomic systems approach is the best way to avoid delays.

Autonomic systems are self-managing physical/software systems that learn from their own environments. Such an approach provides plenty pros for businesses:

  • rapid response to changes
  • dynamically algorithms modifying with no software updates (unlike 'autonomous' or 'automated' systems)
  • advanced management at the scale of complex environments
Real-life use case:
Ericsson's (a Swedish leading networking and telecommunication services provider) autonomic systems use reinforcement learning and AI-driven digital twins to dynamically optimize 5G performance, including availability, ultra-reliability, low latency, and high security.


As already mentioned, data is one of the most valuable assets businesses can produce – and keep safe. And that is where privacy-enhancing computation comes into play.

Privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) approaches create value but preserve privacy. It's firstly about:

  • encrypting
  • splitting/preprocessing sensitive data
  • confidentiality
  • sharing data across ecosystems
Privacy-enhancing computation trend 2022><meta itemprop=
Companies can combine several techniques to make up the privacy-enhancing computation, such as:


Cloud native platform trend 2022><meta itemprop=
By 2025, cloud-native platform usage will increase by 40% in comparison with 2021. And there are a number of reasons for that.

The lift-and-shift cloud migration approach requires a complex process of moving legacy workloads to the cloud. And given that they weren't designed for the cloud, their maintenance becomes time-consuming and not exactly the most efficient operation. What is more, such an approach doesn't take full advantage of cloud attributes.

At this time, cloud-native platforms benefit from cloud computing scalability and allow:

  • delivering faster time to value
  • reducing dependencies on infrastructure
  • freeing up time to focus on functionality
If you look at history, innovation doesn't come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.

Steven Johnson, science author & media theorist


According to Gartner, by 2024, the design motto for new SaaS and custom apps will be “composable API-first or API-only," rendering traditional SaaS and custom apps as “legacy."

Composable apps consist of packaged-business capabilities (PBCs) or software-defined business objects. The idea behind the composable app is that these functional blocks can be dissociated from the complete application or process. It's firstly about moving away from single, complex apps to modular business units that can be composed into workflows for particular business cases and integrated across an organization's tech stack.

Business To-Do list: first steps

  • Implement composable architectural approaches in all-new tech initiatives, such as new engineering, choosing new services, etc.
  • Buy standard PBCs on application marketplaces
Real-life use case:
Ally, one of the leading American financial services companies, has created PBCs representing repeatable capabilities that can be assembled in low-code environments. Such implementation saves 200,000+ hours of manual work.


Hyperautomation new technology trend><meta itemprop=
Digitalization and operational improvement cycle firstly imply widespread automation. In other words, it requires hyperautomation.

It's a trending business-driven approach to identify, vet and automate as many workflow processes as possible. Hyperautomation 'orchestrate' use of multiple technologies tools and platforms, including:

Business To-Do List: first steps

  • Establish holistic mapping rather than unconnected units of task automation, to ensure synergistic business outcomes


Distributed enterprise approach arose from two different areas. On the one hand, remote employees needed specific toolkits and increased flexibility. On the other hand, consumers increasingly are unavailable via traditional 'physical avenues.'

So the story of distributed enterprise began.

It's a “virtual first, remote first"
architectural principle designed to

  • digitize customer touchpoints
  • build out experiences to support products
  • improve your customer-facing technologies
To stay ahead in innovation, look at horizontal industries and the ones leading your current industry, someone is always doing something new.

Jeff Butler, author & keynote speaker
Real-life use case:
Armoire's digital dressing room allows customers to try styles virtually. It was designed to simulate an in-person try-on session by allowing members to upload pics of their favorite looks and add them to the personal account.


AI engineering technology trend><meta itemprop=
AI engineering is a cross-domain game-changing discipline of operationalizing updates to artificial intelligence (AI) models. It uses integrated data and development pipelines to deliver consistent business value. And the triad of integrated data, analytics, and AI allows the creation of decision intelligence platforms to support, augment and automate decisions.

In the world of rapid change, it's crucial for businesses to make fast and accurate decisions.

Business To-Do List: first steps

  • Establishing engineering practices that includes the best methods from DataOps, ModelOps, and DevOps
  • Identify your business areas that can be improved with more data-driven support and accelerated with AI-powered solutions.
  • Making AI engineering a strategic benefit for maintaining product/service value


Technology determines the future of industries and helps businesses to grow their presence. New tech trends continue to redefine the customer journey map.

And creating superior shared experiences is one of the trending tech tasks for today.

So-called total experience (TX) interlinks 4 digital areas: user/customer/employee/multi experience
(UX, CX, EX, MX). This 'omni experience' is intended to interconnect and enhance each of these subparts, find common touchpoints and combine their features in a universal way for a more holistic experience for all stakeholders.
Innovation takes birth in sync with the evolution of customers' expectations and demands or vice versa. Organizations around the world have to continually innovate themselves and keep up with the people's wants.

Ketan Kapoor, entrepreneur, co-founder at Iyurved
Technology development is an all-pervading process that fuels and transforms different areas of life. Tech trends are firstly about knowledge. It's a source of different solutions which you can combine and customize for your business needs.

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P.S.: We thank Gartner for the research of Top Technology Trends 2022 including all provided insights we've listed in this article.
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