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We specialize in:
Magento consulting
Let's build the most suitable tech strategy to drive your eCommerce product to success
Magento software development
Get a highly customized online store with robust functionality creating immersive product-driven results
Magento customer support & maintenance services
Get Magento 24/7 support to prevent emergencies and solve issues immediately
Migration to Magento
Hassle-free migration: invest once instead dealing with out-of-date software for years
API development
Advance your platform using off-the-shelf extensions to cover all business needs
Staff augmentation
Manage resources effectively with our Magento-certified developers
Design for Magento applications
Get your business message to thousands of online customers with intuitive and eye-catching design





There is an opinion that Magento is for big players only. However, if you have start-up capital or funding together with a sufficient ambition to reach for the stars, Magento would be the biggest boost for your eCommerce business.
Benefits of using Magento for your business

Community-Powered Development

Powerful architectural features
Open-source and free-to-use

Limitless customization

Module system
Magento provides thousands of retailers with great opportunities to build unique products. The Magento frontend is designed to optimize storefront customization and transform business appearance with highly extensible themes.
Limitless customization
83% of Magento websites run on Magento Open Source, which is free to use. It offers a basic toolkit, including:

Integrated payment, checkout, and shipment systems
Mobile-optimized shopping and cross-channel customer experience
Product catalog management system
On-site search function
Instant purchase
Account management system
Open-source and free-to-use
Enjoy high-availability architecture with elastic scalability. By managing Magento's accessible code, you can easily extend your platform in line with your business needs
Vast Magento community involves both professionals and enthusiasts, developers and sellers, geeks and investors. This global Magento brotherhood is the perfect starting point for any eCommerce project.
Community-Powered Development
Magento streamlines eCommerce operations and offers the omnichannel experience: high built-in functionality allows merchants to craft top-notch online stores. Try ever-evolving Magento's features to open new boundaries of your eCommerce product development.
Powerful architectural features
Magento's modularity concept saves time required to optimize a system, find and fix bugs, and expand a product's feature set according to business needs
Module system
What our experts say about Magento development
Case study
full-fledged B2B eСommerse store for the large tech enterprise
Project outcome:
Performance support
GraphQL implementations
Developing integration solutions from scratch
Integrations and GraphQL
Managing module dependencies
Writing unit-tests and running tests for the existing modules
Designing the independent highly modular system
Performance optimization
Installation of additional caching tools (Varnish, Redis)
Query behavior research and query manager optimization (RabbitMQ)
Database queries optimization
Reducing server response time
Upgrading Magento 2.x.x to latest version
Security and compliance with standards
Using CodeSniffer, Mess Detector, PHPStan and other tools to prevent violations of coding standards and ensure our code remains clean and consistent
Writing and updating code in accordance with Magento coding standards
Applying Magento Security Patches to keep client's data safe
Bonus levels from Freshcode
We offer support by our BA department: defining requirements and project scope
Account manager individualized assessment and management of organizational resources
Client-focused communication plan setup
Speeding up go-to-market: consistent product development strategy
We've gathered the most frequent questions about Magento development by Freshcode. Just click on the question and read the answer.
I have an idea for an eCommerce website. Where do I start the development?
After filtering eCommerce platforms, business owners are usually torn between the most well-known and trusted ones. Magento is almost always among them.

We at Freshcode know from our experience a long list of Magento benefits and advantages over other platforms.

So, if we are on the same page it's time to shake hands.

We offer you to:

1. Have a touch base call to discuss your project needs with our business analyst for further estimation
2. Run a discovery phase to make sure your eCommerce project is doable and choose the best-validated business strategy
3. Have a call with the development team to get a clear and full picture of what Magento solutions and business architecture are suitable for your business case (and why)
4. Start end-to-end development of your eCommerce product
How much is Magento website development cost?
Magento development is much more affordable than you expected. Every project case is calculated individually. Contact us to get cost estimation of your eCommerce project.
I want to start an eCommerce business, but have no technology background on Magento or other open source. How can you help me?
As the man said, for every 1 techie there are 10 amazing tech startup ideas. Even if you have no tech background on Magento, you can be the inventor of a win-win eCommerce idea.

As idea owner (and future business owner) you can outsource your product development to the dedicated Magento development team. A blend of good business ideas, domain knowledge, and technology is a recipe for startup success.

Don't let doubts stifle your inner entrepreneur.

Do your developers undergo Magento certifications?
Freshcode is committed to the philosophy of constant knowledge improvement and strengthening professional skills. As a result, our Magento services are performed by a team of certified Magento developers.

Certification is not only a way to self-development and the acquisition of subject-matter knowledge but also guarantee that our technical solutions are implemented according to Magento platform standards and requirements.
How do I get Magento tech support at Freshcode?
After the product release, Freshcode provides eСommerce post-launch support and application maintenance to reduce the risk of crashes, increase data security, and more. As a result, you have a stronghold of your end product delivery.

Technical assistance is tailored to the needs of the client's company to save our resources and clients costs.

You can get free consultation to receive detailed info on how to outsource your Magento tech support to Freshcode.
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