Top 7 Healthcare Companies Using Clojure

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"Healthcare is becoming part of information technology".
And there are many profound reasons for such transformation.

In this post, we want to share real-life industry cases describing ways of successfully adapting to the latest tech trends by seven HealthTech companies. These companies are successfully re-wiring how healthcare is delivered and paid today. They sidestep the middlemen and connect employers, providers, and communities directly.

And they all use Clojure.

Let's take a closer look at this Magnificent Seven.

1. HealthUnlocked

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HealthTech Category: Social Networking Service

HealthUnlocked is a social network for people with healthcare conditions,
where they can ask questions and connect with people who have a similar experience.

The platform covers 300+ conditions and well-being interests to provide holistic treatments. HealthUnlocked also uses machine learning to tailor the information and content it provides,
making it relevant and well-targeted.

It's operated by partner communities (charities and patient groups) and provides the platform (management of posts and messages, topics, and users' communities) and technology for them.

HealthUnlocked offers different specialized resources and e-learning programs. Because it's contributed by leading health organizations, users have credible guidance and 24/7 support.

    Originally, HealthUnlocked was built on Bizspark using .NET, but over the last few years, they've migrated to Clojure.

    "We went from about 275K lines of C# code to about 70K lines of Clojure code for one project. The reduction of code was quite remarkable". Alex Trofymenko, Head of Technology at HealthUnlocked

    2. Dr. Evidence

    Dr. Evidence 2022><meta itemprop=
    HealthTech Category: Medical Intelligence Platform

    Dr.Evidence is a HealthTech company that provides SaaS technologies for biopharmaceutical and life sciences organizations to help their clients make more informed, evidence-based decisions. Its technology allows users to identify faster any insights grounded in the vast universe of published scientifically proven literature and real-world data (RWD).

    And what is under the hood of the system? Six years ago Dr. Evidence decided to build a biomedical search engine, and it was "a journey into the unknown", according to them.

    But fortune favors the brave and these guys have achieved many successes in the evidence-based medicine (EBM) field.

    Today Dr.Evidence's medical search engine generates actionable insights, predictions,
    and answers in real-time through state-of-the-art ML models. This holistic approach helps companies with biomedical research data synthesis and review for drug discovery, drug repositioning, RWE, economics, safety, and clinical trials.

      Dr.Evidence uses ClojureScript on the frontend, Clojure on the backend, and Python for the ML part.

      3. Reify Health

      Reify Health><meta itemprop=
      HealthTech Category: Clinical Optimization Software Solutions

      Reify Health is a cloud-based digital company developing tools for the clinical trial
      ecosystem with a focus on effective enrollment management systems and transformative infrastructure. It serves the global drug development industry: approximately 4K clinical
      research sites across 65 countries and many of the top global biopharma companies.

      Two main Reify Health's business entities are StudyTeam™ and Care Access™.

      StudyTeam™ provides cloud-based software tools that help accelerate the development
      of new therapies. For digital platforms, it simplifies enrollment workflows and makes them more intuitive. For sponsors, it delivers comprehensive insights into performance.

      The second flagship solution, Care Access™ is the global leading decentralized research
      organization delivering clinical trial infrastructure directly to users.


      Reify Health has been using Clojure and ClojureScript in production already for six years. It's the primary language for existing capabilities
      and new features development.

      4. Cerner

      Reify Health><meta itemprop=
      HealthTech Category: Health Information Technology Services

      About: Cerner Corporation is an American supplier of health information technology services, devices, and hardware. Its digital information systems are used within hospitals and health
      systems to provide better delivery of healthcare services to patients, providers, and communities.

      Cerner is one of only two Kansas City-area companies to make the Fortune 500 list.

      In December 2021, Oracle and Cerner announced an agreement for Oracle to acquire Cerner
      through a tender offer for approximately $28.3 billion in equity value. It is going to be
      organized as an Industry Business Unit within Oracle and together companies will implement advanced healthcare solutions and protect customer investments.
        TECH FACT

        Cerner team has their own Clojure-based project Clara that was released as an open-source product. It is an engine written in Clojure(Script) with Java interoperability aiming to 'simplify code with a developer-centric approach to expert systems'.

        5. Sharecare

        Nomi Health><meta itemprop=
        HealthTech Category: Health and Wellness Engagement Platform

        Sharecare is a powerful health connector that provides consumers with comprehensive personalized data, specialized programs, and healthcare resources.

        This Atlanta-based online HealthTech company began its professional journey as an interactive question-and-answer platform about health and then expanded its services through internal development and partners' strategic acquisitions.

        Two of the most widely used Sharecare software solutions are RealAge Test and AskMD.

        RealAge Test is a health risk assessment tool to learn your body's age and the steps you can
        take to a healthier life. It identifies users' biological age, based on their health, health habits
        lifestyle, genetics, and medical history analytics.

        The second one, AskMD is the clinical decision support tool that is aimed to help users keep
        track of their symptoms and contact healthcare specialists.
          TECH FACT

          Sharecare solves 'difficult problems elegantly' by a functional programming approach. The company uses Clojure on the backend
          and succeeds in it.

          6. Nomi Health

          Nomi Health><meta itemprop=
          HealthTech Category: Primary Care and Insurance Navigation Company

          Nomi Health is one more HealthTech company providing different innovative services, including medical testing & self-insured healthcare plan administration.

          Nomi Health has a cross-functional team (2000+ employees) guided by FinTech and healthcare leaders that work to reduce costs, widen care access, and improve the total experience.

          A couple of the main Nome Health's digital platforms is Nomi Care and Nomi Connect.

          Nomi Care features clinical and operations field teams, a sustainable supply chain, and networked laboratories with innovative services. It has served over 8 million users with everyday healthcare tools.

          Nomi Connect is a payment platform enabling businesses to purchase healthcare directly and
          to be paid in real-time. Such a 'self-funded' environment saves users' costs and time and becomes
          a canonical payment system model in different industries, including healthcare.
              TECH FACT

              Significantly part of Nomi Health's software solutions is developed via the Clojure toolkit (and partially — Java and Go).

              7. Eden Health

              Eden Health Clojure><meta itemprop=
              HealthTech Category: Direct Provider Of Healthcare Services

              Eden Health is a series C HealthTech startup with a mission-driven team that helps people to

              • build a relationship with a trusted healthcare provider
              • have a healthier workforces
              • increase their productivity
              • save costs

              This direct-to-employer medical provider keeps users productive with a full-spectrum primary toolkit, personalized mental health care, and insurance benefit navigation. Eden Health positions itself
              as 'a new kind of doctor's office' that combines

              • private primary care practice
              • 24/7 telemedicine
              • personalized insurance navigation
                  TECH FACT

                  Eden Health built its digital platform's backends with
                  Clojure and Python.
                  New technologies and business models fuel and transform the healthcare industry. The first goal for today is to make services user-oriented, straightforward, and affordable for everyone.

                  HealthTech companies try to make this idea happen by implementing innovative data-driven tools developed by software engineers, computer scientists, and medical professionals.

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