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Minerva is a web application intended for use by publishing houses.
It is designed to process, manage and store a large volume of raw data on books, magazines and other print products.
The app integrates with online services and retail platforms such as Amazon Vendor, Kobo, Google, and others.

Developed by

The app allows to:
  • Format and upload book and magazine data to online retail platforms
  • Export publishing data in various formats including ONIX
  • Complement previously acquired data with new information and store it
  • Download vast amounts of book data from online retail platforms and format it for further use
  • Validate the downloaded data for compliance with app's requirements and publishing standards
  • Generate reports on any inconsistencies within the received data
  • Track all changes performed by users and generate audit reports
  • Generate reports about all user-defined changes to the data
Design &
What our client wanted to achieve:

"I wanted to expand my existing book management system to allow my employees to manage raw book data effectively and integrate it with online retail platforms services such as Amazon. I wanted to be able to process and validate the data and generate reports in formats that would be easy to upload to retail platforms. I wanted the app to track all user changes and produce audit reports."
Our team had to ensure
the app supports:

  • Normalization of raw data received from online services and retail platforms;
  • Entry of product data within the app;
  • Data report generation using formats compatible with online services;
  • Automatic data verification and inconsistency report generation;
  • Tracking of user changes;
  • Ability to edit product information sitting with online services and synchronize it with the application data.

The services rendered
by the Freshсode team:

Analysis of the existing app (over 150,000 lines of code)
Frontend and Backend development of new features
Automatic integration
test suites
Quality Assurance

Our initial steps:

We developed a general scheme of the application's operation:

Then we designed the interface mockups:


Later we chose the development technologies for project implementation

Frontend: JSP, jQuery
Backend: Java 8, Hibernate Envers, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security
Database: PostgreSQL
External services: Elasticsearch, AWS Lambda
One full stack developer

Web app took 2,500+
hours to develop