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Our testimonials Nothing speaks about our expertise better than the words of our customers. These words make us happy and proud, willing to get better at what we do. Clients help us grow and evolve, that’s why we value every opinion. Check out what our clients have to say about our work!
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Adele Theron | www.nakeddivorce.com photo
Adele Theron | www.nakeddivorce.com Founder / Trauma Therapist

I am a Trauma Therapist and run online programmes to assist people to recover from life traumas. We have a complex Wordpress plugin which manages all our online programmes and all the user’s unique curriculums which myself and my team of therapists can review and check. Although the base plugin was written by another developer, FreshCode have re-written much of it, enhanced it, supported it and been a true partner in supporting all our clients from around the world. This plugin literally saves lives and without FreshCode, we would not have the ability to do what we do and reach so many people. The team are incredibly smart, converting our user requirements into elegant technical solutions which work time and time again. Their enhancements have been critical to our success. I trust the team implicitly and they have repeatedly gone above and beyond my expectations. They are professional, great at communication, good at meeting deadlines and think of things we wouldn’t even think of. I could not recommend them highly enough. I trust FreshCode for all future development projects.

Mathias H. Laursen | Net Innovation Group S.A photo
Mathias H. Laursen | Net Innovation Group S.A Partner/COO

FreshCode is a competitive quality provider. We have been very happy working with the great talent in the company so far, and we hope to cross paths again in the future. We recommend others to reach out to FreshCode and get started with their projects - they will be in good hands.

Brian McCauley | Cytrine LLC, PlayAttention photo
Brian McCauley | Cytrine LLC, PlayAttention Co-Founder

FreshCode is a company that has earned my absolute trust and confidence by consistently proving their abilities over the past year. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond my expectations in a professional and courteous manner in their development and management efforts. They have met all their deadlines and accomplished all their work during every sprint without failure. It's very easy for me to recommend FreshCode to absolutely anyone without hesitation. Our business will remain with FreshCode for all future projects.

Ivan Ishchenko | OutDoor photo
Ivan Ishchenko | OutDoor Founder

While working with Freshcode I encountered transparent, accurate and well organized development process. Freshcode employes are open to feedback and flexible to incorporate new practises in their daily works. I'm pretty satisfied with the quality of delivery and will be happy to continue our fruitful cooperation.

Ulrik With Andersen | Educadio photo
Ulrik With Andersen | Educadio Founder, CEO

We have been working with Freshcode and their programmers for almost 2 years and we highly recommend them as development partners. We highly value their abilities to deliver on time, their hard competences at writing solid, scalable code, etc., but mostly we value their ability to think up and design innovative yet solid solutions. Educadio trust them with all our software developments.