Street Asset Management Platform

quick responding and keeping resource management
untangling traffic and making roads safer
increasing transparency of public work processes
Project's Benefits
smooth end-to-end report fulfillment
Streetlogix is a highly customizable asset management app for the public sector that enables municipalities to manage roadway infrastructure more sustainably and efficiently:
For local governments and municipalities
providing public work dispatchers and workers with automated tools
seamlessly tracking, organizing and addressing requests
instant converting service requests into work orders
enhanced scheduling and management tools for the daily basis tasks
For road repair & maintenance providers
estimating budget requirements
getting optimal value from maintenance & repair budgets
improving cross-team collaboration between gov departments
exploring future opportunities for the company's development and launching corporate social responsibility projects
Client's story
Web development and Scaling
Freshcode and Streetlogix cooperation started in 2020. The client came to us with the web development request for achieving scale. Over time we started working on the mobile development part.
Project Details
Full-stack developer, React Native developer, QA engineer, Project Manager, Business Analyst
Total Project Duration:
August 2020 — February 2022
Mobile App Development:
October 2021 — February 2022
Services rendered:
Web Development, Mobile Development, Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing
integration & connection of civic engagement, work order, and asset management
profound and verified budgeting decision-making assistance
set of tools to analyze data and plan road repairs
cloud-based multi-module system
The Streetlogix mobile app was originally Native-written which resulted in costly and time-consuming scaling, support, and maintenance. The client was facing these issues and it was the key goal for us to find the best possible way to deal with them.
Mobile development and Migration
Together with the client, we've made the decision to completely rewrite the app using React Native. So, we moved from native iOS and Android codebases to the cross-platform React Native development.
Minor tasks and Support
Users types
User types within the app:
User / Dispatcher
Order within order:
Contractor / Responsible / Stakeholders
The Streelogix mobile development journey. Here we go!
List of features we've implemented
Create work order → Select asset type → Enter date → Select status and priority → Write work description → Add images → Add geo → Send work order to contractor → Issue is fixed
Order Creation Flow As A Core Feature
Work Order Tracking
Order Form Builder
Cost Management System
Push Notifications
Dynamic dashboard with Real-Time Updates
User Management System
Software Integration with other systems
Geo-tagging Screenshot
Order Comments Extension
Downloading Reports in CSV Format
Order Filter
Order Attachments
Material UI
React Native + i18next, Formik, MapboxGL, Redux Toolkit, TypeScript, Axios
API Integrations
Development Challenges: Issues and Solutions
Challenge 1
Mobile Development:
Native App → Cross-Platform with React Native
Read the description by hovering over the headings one by one.
We appreciate the usability of React Native and have witnessed the benefits of iteration speed, ready-made solutions, and high-performance implementation in Streetlogix. Cost reduction, improved agility and productivity were prior goals we've achieved.
Initially, Streetlogix was a native-written app. This solution was preferred by product owners because of such benefits as security and no third-party library restrictions. However, costly development, difficulties with updates, expensive support and maintenance became pitfalls and brake lights that forced to radically change the development course.
After analyzing the native code (both Android and iOS) we came to the conclusion that it didn't follow architectural patterns. It was one more argument to switch to cross-platform solutions. Together with all stakeholders, the Freshcode team made a decision to rewrite the app. The choice was made to forego the use of native code in favor of cross-platform development with React Native.
Challenge 2
Functional Requirements Specification: Communication Matters
Starting with the Streetlogix case, we faced several management flow issues:

  • Lack of clarity in the requirements
  • Lack of technical documentation
  • Lack of mockups in the comprehension of functional requirements

These were crucial management pain points we decided to fix first.
Well-set-up communication, transparent financial reporting and сomplete technical documentation were identified as priority objectives to achieve project goals. We've developed a plan on how to get all project teams and all stakeholders on the same page, where everyone is connected and get information simultaneously.
Freshcode BA team has managed the following tasks:

  • Scope of the system & Gantt chart
  • Cost estimation
  • Change requests process
  • Task management
  • Sprint planning: decomposing work into tasks and deliverables
  • Release schedule and release management plan

Asana and Confluence were chosen as the task management and approval management tools. Every development step was coordinated with the client to prevent any omissions and miscommunications.
Read the description by hovering over the headings one by one.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Clear understanding of requirements and tasks by the dev team
Transparent and structured tasks and budget management
Seamless and continuous workflow
Involvement of internal Business Analysis and Consulting teams
Step 1
Step 5
Resource-efficient software development
Streetlogix app is one more brick in smart city concept implementation and one more step to the clever version of urban life. It builds bridges between citizens, municipalities, local governments, and road repair and maintenance providers.

Freshcode team is proud to lead such socially significant projects as Streetlogix. We do our best from the development side to build an outstanding and digital product.

Such citizen-centered services bring the world closer to a future of greater sustainability and efficiency. We at Freshcode are thrilled to empower this development.
Product Social Value: Freshcode View
Enhanced interface & intuitive UX
Advanced user management system
Data-driven logistics and BI tools
User-friendly GIS environment
Dynamic dashboard with real-time updates
Looking to create a user-friendly and stable mobile application?
Track and handle information on the current state of infrastructure
Map and report street problems
Refine public works
Empower cross-team collaboration between departments
Add work order in a fast and simple way
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