Client: Experimentarium
Industry: Education
Country: Denmark
Size of the team: 10 people
Technologies used: Meteor, Fabric.js, PouchDB, CouchDB, React,
TypeScript, Node.js
Duration of the Project: 2 years, ongoing
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Our team was tasked with creating an easy-to-use tool set for Dutch teachers to allow real-time collaboration for study materials’ development. The client required both online and offline modes of operation. Custom editing tools were needed along with audio, video and text files upload support. Complex access level structure was requested along with scaling up possibilities for a larger number of users (up to 100,000).

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The solution was implemented in the forms of a web, mobile, and desktop applications using the TypeScript programming language. React.js was applied to create a user-friendly interface, while Meteor.js was used to allow teachers to simultaneously work on the presentations and other lesson materials. Our developers also employed CouchDB, PouchDB, and MongoDB to make offline cloud synchronization possible. The solution supports the upload of various types of files, that can be used to create lesson plans and materials. Teachers get access to an online presentation editor, implemented through the use of Fabric.js.

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After the final round of rigorous testing the solution, devised by our developers, has finally been adopted at one of the Dutch schools. The current number of users does not exceed a thousand. However, in the near future, the software will become more widespread. It can be applied throughout all Dutch state schools with an overall number of users reaching 80,000.

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