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Client: Simon K Williams
Industry: Agriculture
Country: United Kingdom, Thailand
Size of the team: 2 developers
Technologies used: Node.js, React.js, Docker, Leaflet Maps, Material Design
Duration of the Project: 6 months

The project's main objective was to develop a user-friendly tool for Thai farmers to increase their profits by reducing the time spent on bookkeeping. The app's main requirement was a stable offline operation and data storage with automatic cloud synchronization after application comes online. Simultaneous online work for multiple users with a straightforward user hierarchy and data export to a CSV file were among the challenges our team had to overcome.
Our team was tasked with creating a Device Aware Web App from scratch to provide preclude problems with different platforms and operating systems. The user interface was developed using the React+Redux technology and Material Design. Application's backend was created on the basis of the Node JS server. The app allows offline access without functionality losses, while synchronization provides instant access to the real-time data updates. The Leaflet Maps library was instrumental to online and offline maps usage. Several levels of user access were implemented with administrators possessing the tools necessary to limit other users' rights and roles.
The project has been successfully completed and launched. In accordance with the client's goals, the app helps Thai farmers keep track of their production cycles and makes bookkeeping easier without Internet connection.