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How our client's business became more profitable and manageable with our partnership
Our Partner
The United Kingdom
Digital Agency (IT services)
Business partnership
and cooperation
Client's business before
partnering with FRESHCODE
The team took orders for implementing simple short-term projects under 3 months

The company had to abandon long-term high-budget projects because of the lack of:
- reliable team of IT experts;
- in-depth expertise across various industries.
Much time was spent on team management, not sales and development

Troubles with personnel management

Lack of in-depth technical expertise among managers prevented the company from consulting potential clients on technical aspects
Little bit about FRESHCODE
- Since 2014, FreshCode has been providing full-cycle development services for projects of any complexity for startups, SMBs, and enterprises.

- Our clients are spread across 20 countries (USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and others).

- We work on projects for KPMG, Total, Eurovision, and others. The FreshCode team comprises over 80 experts.
How the cooperation
with FRESHCODE began
The company signed a contract for a seemingly simple project. At the onset of the project's implementation, the client significantly complicated the system requirements specification. Instead of abandoning the project, the company decided to continue implementation and find a qualified subcontractor. Freshcode became the project's technical advisor.
Develop the architecture and implement the accounting system for processing £10+ mln. payments
The project's requirements
Dynamically change the team size and lineup
Guarantee high-quality development within the specified timeframe
Involve qualified IT experts (from business analysts to senior developers)
Ensure the project's release and ongoing support
FRESHCODE assisted the partner in completing
the complex project
We provided a team of skilled specialists to ensure the project's implementation
FreshCode performed the team management and project development
We established the transparent project management & communication framework
We conducted a seamless migration from the previous platform to a new one
The team ensured the smooth project handover and post-release support
FreshCode developed and implemented the project's technical plan
FRESHCODE assisted the partner
in business development

Efficient project management framework was established through:
Agile / Jira / Slack;
A single environment with integrated project implementation tools.
Effective communication was established to enable quick responses to the leads' and clients' technical and business questions
Full marketing support for the company was provided:
- New corporate website;
- Marketing kits and cases studies.
FreshCode provides full pre-sale support:
- Expert consulting;
- Technical demonstrations;
- Technical experts' involvement in consultations.
Cooperation results
The company took on 7 long-term
projects (12+ months)
The company's rates increased
by 35-40%
The efficient team management framework was established
The company can take on the projects requiring
a full range of technologies, including
Java, JavaScript, .NET, Clojure, and more
The company cultivated a new image
after a total rebranding
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