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UI\UX for business: what you need to know and focus on

February 25, 2019
Imagine, you have a business idea or an offline company that needs a website. Where you will go with this project? In-house and overseas studios, freelancers and template services provide thousands of offers in the sphere of web design. This variety confuses many business owners. The cost of site building isn't low, and each of them wants to get a high-quality result at an affordable price. Actually, the best choice depends on your business strategy.

3 ways of creating a website for your business

Facing the necessity of online presence, many business owners choose a style of web design that doesn't work for them. If you want to get a profitable result, the expenses of time and money must be reasonable. This article will help you understand which method of website building is suitable for your project. Moreover, you will learn the main steps of designing, the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

№ 1 Online/offline website builder

The cheapest option of creating a personal or corporate website has become popular due to the development of modern technologies. Services like Tilda, Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly, allow everyone to build a site. They don't require any professional skills. You need only a computer and some time to examine their tools.

The layout and general design are given for a fixed price. So, you will customize your online presence only by some visual elements and content. The structure of web pages will be quite standard. It can save your money, but reduces the possibilities of creativity. It's difficult to show all advantages of the unique business using limited options of templates.

№ 2 A freelance web designer

Lots of web designers work as freelancers. You can find them on specialized websites, forums and platforms. There are several benefits of cooperating with freelancers. Firstly, they are very flexible in time and you can always discuss the price. Secondly, many freelancers are specialized in a particular type of services. It's convenient, if you need only a logo or, for example, a banner for a new collection of goods.

On the other hand, imagine that you want to build a website from scratch. In this case, you need a UI/UX designer, web developer, and other specialists. You will have to coordinate them, but such management can be challenging due to different schedules and time zones. In addition, most freelancers are involved in several projects at once, so they can be too busy for your online meetings. The last thing is that many freelancers don't provide recommendations. So, you can cooperate with them at your own risk.

№ 3 A web design agency

The most important benefit of applying to a design company is its good reputation. This means you can be sure that your website is made by a team of skillful specialists. Agencies usually have a great portfolio with projects of different types. The team of experienced in-house members delivers input and expertise from a variety of roles.

Thanks to continuous projects, designers are able to use up-to-date technology and high-quality tools. That means they have access to licensed software and professional paid services for modern design. Moreover, you can always rely on professional support and forget about the project management issues. You will save lots of time and efforts, but the cost of your website will be higher. In addition, the rates are fixed and the workflow isn't very flexible. But this depends on the specific agency.

Is custom design a luxury or a necessity?

If you use a template, you will get an ordinary website. At the same time, the last two variants provide a custom solution. When they are more profitable? You should think about what online presence means for your company. Is a website an instrument for your business, or just a supplement?

For example, you have a hairdresser salon and can't provide any online services for your clients. Then, you can use a simple template of a landing page to put there some information and contacts. It's your business card that will help customers find you on the Internet. On the other hand, you may have an idea of an online store, monetized social network, catalog, or other application. Then, it's better to invest in a good website design which delivers powerful digital experiences. Since it is the main tool of your business development, these expenses going to pay off.

Reasons for choosing a custom web site

  • Effective and SEO-friendly solution
  • UX design based on business needs
  • Specific features and exclusive stylistics
  • Surely available in all modern devices
  • Support by the web design agency

Whom to trust creating exclusive website design?

No matter do you want to turn to a freelancer, or a design agency, it's your decision. You should take a responsible approach to choose the contractor. It's important to consider 4 aspects:

  1. Portfolio indicates whether a specialist can cope with your project.
  2. Style demonstrates the artistic talent and view of the designer.
  3. Experience shows what practical skills and knowledge he/she has.
  4. Rates of the company or freelancer.

You can also apply for free consultations or ask some clarifying questions to see that you really deal with a high-level professional.

5 steps of creating an excellent web design

We believe that "design is where science and art break even". So, our team takes both form and function into consideration. Applying modern trends of developing user experience, marketing analytics can be added to this famous formula. If you want your web design meet customer's needs, you should know everything about the target audience. User research is the first step in building a custom website. Let's look at the whole workflow.

1. Discussing the business goals

"Web design must be viewed through the lens of your entire business, or it will fall flat." That's why, designers get technical task (brief) from PM and examine it carefully. It's important to understand the main aim of your website, whether it should inform or amuse users, sell or promote products. You can also discuss all your questions with the designers' team lead for better understanding of each other's ideas.

2. Creating sitemap and wireframe

After indicating the goals, UX designer creates sitemap and wireframes of different pages. We use professional tools, such as Moqups or Axure. The main purpose of the UX process is to provide a high level of usability, make the environment intuitive and clear for visitors, without useless elements and confusing workflows.

3. Approval of the homepage

After that, a UI designer prepares 2 options of the homepage. This specialist chooses the color palette, thinks about visual elements and details of the graphic design. An original and tasteful UI is the easiest way to make a nice first impression and cause interest to your company. This step includes approval of the main page and corrections.

4. Drawing additional pages and providing UI guide

Inside and extra pages are created according to the design of the homepage. As an example, they are: "About", PLP, PDP, "News", "404", "Cart", "Blog", and other pages. After creating the UI in Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, or other graphic design tools, the project is demonstrated in the InVision. If the business owner likes the result, designers prepare UI guide for web developers.

5. Complete approval of all layouts

On the last step, specialists finally check all needed corrections and create Mobile & Tablet versions of the required pages. The UI guide is also provided for them. Then, we give files to developers (DEV files) and wait for the test version of the new website.

Useful tips to improve UI\UX for business

Even if you have a custom site, it can be outdated and not profitable. How can you beat that? Just redesign.

1. The initial impression must be perfect

Trust of your audience depends not only on meaningful content, but also on the visual communication. You should avoid gaudy colors, extra elements, very long texts or using more than 3 types of fonts.

2. Pay attention to usability

The easiest way to improve web design is reducing the complexity. Remember about the time-honored principle: "as little design as possible". You should get rid of heavy images and files, provide a logical hierarchy of the content.
Nowadays many blocks are standardized and the website visitor is used to them. For example, you want to intuitively know where the site search is, or how to find the purchase button. You should remember that: "the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". So, the design should be easily understandable, with modern, simple icons. Want to see how it works? Let's take a look at an example of creating an effective UI/UX design.

The practical case of successful ecommerce website design

The British magazine seller "Watkins Wisdom" needed a new e-commerce web site. You can look at wireframes, as well as UI guide that our team created for this project.
Freshcode specialists structured the website's blocks, created a new color concept, added stylish banners and promotions, useful buttons of month/year subscription. Thanks to the up-to-date design, the company received lots of satisfied clients and started to generate an outstanding profit.
The British magazine seller "Watkins Wisdom" needed a new e-commerce web site.
The British magazine seller "Watkins Wisdom" needed a new e-commerce web site.

Good news: you can help to make the design better

«If we pay a lot of money to a design agency without first clarifying our message, we might as well be holding a bullhorn up to a monkey. The only thing a potential customer will hear is noise». This means that the best thing you can do to get a successful design is to provide detailed information about your business. The designer should know all your preferences, needs and requirements. The fuller answers you will give, the better results you will enjoy.

Cooperation with a great design agency saves your time and money. You get round-the-clock technical support and don't worry about deadlines. The dedicated team utilizes the latest technologies and provides complete services for delivering customer-centric experiences. Are you ready to contact us? Let's discuss your idea together!
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