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Are you moored at home for a coronavirus quarantine time? We have some interesting online menu to have a good party on your ship deck while you are staying on the harbour. A bunch of providers offers varied solutions to spend this time well without limiting yourself. Let's check what services are the most popular today as well as what new digital solutions are in demand.
Freshcode team is ready to invest in your ideas to fight coronavirus pandemic and handle the crisis. If you have any concept for such a digital project, you are welcome to contact us. Our experts will choose the best app idea and we will invest in its development.

Work hard, play hard!

Remote work is already a must and expected to continue its upward trajectory over the next years. Using relevant software is a crucial opportunity to optimize business processes and to support customers. So it's important to pick out the stack of digital tools you need, as well as your employees and your customers. Here is an overview of services that are going to be a perfect accompaniment to remote workday and free time too.


video meeting apps 2020

Face-to-face apps are more important than ever today. Maintaining communication with colleagues and friends is the main thing we all are striving for. Collaboration tools relevance is reflected in the increasingly growing demand for already existing applications.
A couple of the most popular apps for video meetings are Google Hangouts and Zoom.
Google Hangouts is the simplest tool and interface, perfectly suitable for one-on-one meetings or interviews. Zoom offers many additional features, such as:

  • simultaneous screen sharing
  • a higher threshold of a number of users that can join a meeting
  • breakout rooms to hold small-group discussions
  • meeting polls
video app 2020 business remote
There is a variety of free video conferencing tools to choose from: Google Meet (as an upgraded version of Google Hangouts for enterprise customers), GoToMeeting, Skype, CISCO Webex, FreeConference, etc. Leading apps provide audio-visual appeal and a variety of functions to make communication as enjoyable as possible. Moreover, 3D holographic communication is gaining momentum. Hologram calls are powered by 5G due to its ultra-high bandwidth and extremely low latency. Probably such applications on suitable devices will be at our disposal soon. Fiction has become a reality! (just remind Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV ;) )
star wars leia hologram app
Team chats apps are no less important in the light of present-day realities. You can use Slack as one of the most popular chatting tools with hilarious gifs, chatbots, and varied useful features. Or Workplace by Facebook that also includes messaging, voice & video calling, and newsfeed features.

Entrepreneurs look for ways to create their own messaging app to keep data absolutely confidential. Freshcode develops such turn-key applications that offer solutions at all levels:

  • enterprise-level communication
  • customer-focused business communication
  • e-commerce chat
  • personal chat

    Project management and task tracking

    Let's talk about your idea?
    Using project management apps is the best way to take care of the business team. Users can monitor tasks and deadlines by any device, whether it's a laptop or smartphone, without being in the office. The main goal is to centralize communication: stay connected, stay in sync and stay on track using the most useful and clear tools. Here we introduce 5 popular project management apps to boost a team's productivity and crush to-do list in the one place:


    Asana Project Managment App





    One more kind of application is a time tracking and planning systems. They give a structure of how to do tasks and when to do them without compromising day-to-day activities. Such an app as TimeSnapper lets you playback your week like a movie to show how productive you are. The same mission may be completed by Rescue Time that shows where you spend your time while you are online.

    File transfer and online signing

    Cloud storage systems, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, IDrive or Microsoft OneDrive are indispensable resources today. You can host, share, sync and edit files via such cloud-based platforms.

    Remote signing is one more relevant digital tool to stay 'legitimate' during the quarantine. :-) Such online services as Sign Request enable remote workers to sign documents, e.g. tax forms, job offers, contracts, securely from anywhere. Some of them have the option of customizing docs with logo and company name and offering files managing.
    online signing

    Professional development: online courses and workshops

    online courses, education, applications, workshops
    Landing home for quarantine is a great time to enhance the skills and abilities we've been wanting to master. Is there a program you can learn? A new skill you can master? The time is come to take the data analytics courses or web design workshop you've been putting off. Or maybe it's the best time to learn Javascript to have a better mutual understanding with your project developer.

    Coursera, Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseWare, and other online learning platforms offer a complex of courses on different topics. Sometimes instructors enthrall a lot: Masterclass offer Film Scoring lessons by Hans Zimmer and Chess classes by Garry Kasparov.

    Or, why not take the time to learn a new language (and try out your new skills on the journey after quarantine)? Probably, one of the most famous apps is Duolingo, which offers intensive and simple language lessons for 0 cents.

    Digital educational solutions have attracted the interest of the IT giants and startups alike. At Freshcode, we have years of experience in building unique EdTech projects, such as:

    So developing an educational platform allowing unique features and offbeat courses is a real chance to carve your own niche.

    Social Media Platforms and Online communities

    Social media presence is crucial for business and marketing, so get prepared and get on social. Keep you content current and stay in touch 24/7 during the quarantine. In this time of isolation, we need to keep up social interactions including social media. It's a great tool to inspire and support people by shifting the focus from panic over Covid-19.

    Creating and posting interesting content is the best way to keep in touch with your audience and don't depart into the oblivion of media space. It could be Behance or DeviantArt for your unique artworks or Flickr for photography. Enjoy GitHub or Codepen to share your code and don't pass by Dribbble to see stunning digital design works.


    Italian pizza and French cheese delivered straight to your doorstep, or maybe a bottle of best Georgian red wine? Such services are in great demand today and provide a lot of solutions for fast online orders. Since Pizza Hut debuted with first-ever pizza online order in 1994, online food delivery has turned into a billion-dollar business. Revenue in this segment amounts to US$122,739m in 2020 according to Statista.

    Famous food delivery apps Uber Eats, Grubhub, Instacart, or Doordash offer multiple benefits for both clients and restaurants. Other delivery apps as PharmEasy or Myra let customers get medications delivered straight to their doorstep. Uber flowers or UrbanStems apps offer a variety of gifts that could be delivered. So a wide range of services increases the abilities of delivery around the world per 0 days. Let's try it!


    cybersecurity quarantine isolation remote
    Cybersecurity is an essential component in today's hyperconnected for every user, whether its private individual, startup or famous enterprise. Especially it is a crucial task in remote work setup.

    Deficient security practices are not conducive to sustainable development and may result in major service disruption or, even worth, a data breach. Because of that, when it comes to safeguarding your business from cyber-attack, you should organize the best cybersecurity algorithms for threat detection, prevention, and response.

    Such apps as Wireshark, Metasploit or Websecurify are designed to keep your software and devices secure from would-be cyber-attacks. Security auditing includes:

    • analysis of specific traffic for detecting the suspicious activity
    • scanning a set of IP addresses and pages of web apps to find mistakes
    • detecting insecure passwords and physical file paths in libraries

    Time to have fun!

    apps covid remote

    eBooks and audiobooks

    There is more time reserved for the implementation of plans you've been putting off. It's been a year since you started reading Lord of the Rings and Frodo still hasn't cross Shire frontiers? Or have you been thinking about Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine" for a long time but haven't even started reading it? Today is more time reserved for the implementation of plans you've been putting off. The author of the article categorically prefers printed one, but if you give preference to electronic books let's look to the applications and online resources you can use. Such eBook apps as Amazon Kindle, Google play books, Nook or Goodreads will be good assistants to make the most of reading. It's good news that during the past weeks, publishers and e-book companies, such as Audible, Spotify and Digitalbook, opened up free access to a lot of e-books and audiobooks. Apple Books app offered books available for free for a limited time. Penguin Random House is now hosting free downloads, and JSTOR, the digital academic library, opened thousands of its eBooks to keep readers engaged.

    P.S.: Here is an impressive list of free ebooks and audiobooks sorted by topic by a Reddit user.

    Video Games

    video games staying home friends 2020
    Astrologies proclaim a week of the old school games. Amount of players of Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Empires, Mortal Combat and Super Mario is doubled! Let's get out your video game console and remember good old times.

    But seriously, in this time of isolation, playing Tomb Raider or Far Cry with friends online is a really good idea. For the word games fans we recommend choosing Words With Friends or Scrabble GO to have fun with friends or family members. Like the physical board game, such an app let people learn new words to become a wordsmith. :-)

    Turn on simulation video games to take on the role of Cristiano Ronaldo on the football pitch or try to land the plane at Sydney Airport. Or let's download Guitar Hero to become a rockstar staying home. Oh yes, here is a little bit more ideas for musical practice below.

    Stay rock, or Make your quarantine musical

    music app apps for fun 2020
    If you've been looking forward to learning to play the stunning guitar solos as Slash and Van Halen or to master Tommy Emmanuel fingerstyle technique, the time has already come. Fender, storied world's leading guitar manufacturer, provides a free trial of its Fender Play service allowing instructor-guided lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and ukulele.

    Electronic music fans have a good chance to try the maker of the eponymous synthesizer Moog that is available for free now. It is a real legend in the music world, based on the 1970s-era synthesizer, that was used by such famous musicians as Herbie Hancock, the Beatles, Beastie Boys, and Dr. Dre. Or try KORG Kaossilator app to make tracks with layered loops, built-in sounds, and various mixing features.
    There are a thousand ways to make quarantine time effective and comfortable. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to create a relevant startup meeting the demands and solving problems related to the pandemic. Most digital tools we described are good examples of business engines improving the customer experience.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas to realize!
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