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Our developers provide full-range web development services using only credible, tried-and-tested frameworks, and libraries
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Our design team understands the importance of brand awareness and loyalty and can help you create a corporate identity and a clear user pathway
Our business analysts conduct user research, build prototypes and mockups to test your idea and help to avoid failed decisions
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7 things you need to know before you start working with us
In simple words, what does your company do?
Freshcode is a software development company that provides businesses with top-notch digital solutions, including web development, mobile development, UI/UX design, software testing, DevOps services, and more.

There are three cases (among others) of how Freshcode can help you with software product development, from idea to fully-fledged product.

1. You want to start an eCommerce business, but don't know for sure what product is more profitable to sell, and what eCommerce platform to choose. There is where Freshcode comes to your aid. We will provide you with a product-market fit, run a discovery phase and choose a win-win solution for further product development based on business analysis results.

2. You have a validated idea to create an Uber-like mobile app. What is more, you have a software requirements document, but no engineering know-how to implement it. There is where Freshcode comes to your aid. We can provide you with a dedicated mobile development team who will turn your idea into reality.

3. You are a veteran of software engineering and already have a successful digital product, but it's time to scale and you need to extend your team by 2 developers and a good QA engineer. There is where Freshcode comes to your aid. We will augment your local team with the hand-selected expert engineers you need to achieve your development goals.

Here you can check Freshcode's portfolio and verify our domain expertise.
What is the geographic area of the companies you are working with?
Freshcode has a worldwide presence and works with clients from different countries (UK, Denmark, Germany, Israel, and more), from South America to the Middle East.

Our core market is Europe, the USA, and Canada. But we are always open to new partnerships to share business experiences and have no geographic limits.
How do you overcome language barriers?
Our team has a good level of English to be fully engaged in the projects and maintain transparent work relationships with the clients. Freshcode offers English classes for employees who want to improve their communication skills.

Some employees speak other languages and can handle communication in special cases.

But considering that English is the primary language of business, we follow an English-centric language philosophy. :-) Meetings, written communication, documentation, and project management flow are handled in English in the vast majority of cases.
How do you overcome time zone differences?
Scheduling across time different zones may seem challenging but in the world of remote work and digital nomads, this is no longer a problem.

Our team manages to work together across 15 time zones, using Slack, Zoom, Confluence, Google Calendar, and other tools to always be in touch. Together we'll find the best time for a call across time zones and schedule all tasks accurately to stay aligned.

Freshcode manages the time shift to be able to provide the best support for clients. We are touching 24 hours a day to be ready to handle any cases of force majeure. Imagine that a development team is working on the app overnight, and you have demos over the day. No delays and only timely feedback. This is a good synergy.
How do you establish client communication with Freshcode?
Communication is the backbone of project management, and in terms of remote managing across the globe it takes on new importance.

When embarking on a project with Freshcode, you will be provided with a dedicated Account Manager and a Project Manager. These specialists know your objectives inside and out and have all the skills needed to deliver optimum client support and take off your burden of routine control of the development process.

Ongoing advice, running meetings, updating regularly on progress, and controlling timescales and budget compliance. — all this, and more, you'll receive while collaborating with your personal Account Manager and Project Manager.

We developed a toolset that allows us to be on the same page with clients and avoid any miscommunication. It includes such software as Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Confluence, Jira, Trello, Loom, and Notion that empower business communication with handy features.

In good communication we trust. The client's voice is integrated at each stage of the development process – all changes, updates, and proposals are clarified with stakeholders directly. And we do our best to provide the peace of mind for you that you'll always have somebody at Freshcode you can contact.
How do you maintain client confidentiality and data protection?
In the initial stage, our business development team asks for key project information, like scope, timeframes, or business challenges you'd like to solve. We request only the data we need for project analysis and estimation of service/product delivery. We gather no extra info to avoid risks for both sides.

Freshcode signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to guarantee privacy, the safety of the client's data, and a confidential partnership. Our team carefully analyzes received information and figures out the next steps of cooperation to offer different options for the best results.

All subsequent collaboration takes place under the aforementioned non-disclosure contract and its regulations.
I have a project idea, but have no technology background. How can you help me?
As the man said, for every 1 techie there are 10 amazing tech startup ideas. Even if you have no technical background, you can be the inventor of a win-win business idea. Don't let this initial hurdle stop you in your tracks. We offer you to:

1. Have a touch base call to discuss your project needs with our BA for further estimation
2. Run a discovery phase to make sure your project is doable and choose the best-validated business solution
3. Have a call with the development team to get a clear and full picture of what technologies and business architecture are suitable for your business case (and why)
4. Launch an MVP to test your idea with real users in a cost-effective way
5. Start end-to-end development of the final product

A blend of good business ideas, domain knowledge, and technology is a recipe for startup success. So, don't let doubts stifle your inner entrepreneur.

Let's turn an idea into reality.

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The success of your product is also a validation of our work quality. It is a great motivation to do our best to meet your needs and requests.

To make sure we have a common vision of product development, we offer you to book a free consultation with our business development manager and clarify all the details you are interested in.

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